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The digital design and animation students from the one. Lodi site will attack the edcamp logo and make it unique to our region. They have several examples from the edcamp foundation website and have done some great work for other departments of the San Joaquin County Office of Education in the past as well as our own County Operated Schools and Programs. I cannot wait to see what they come up with.
The Teachers College of San Joaquin and CTAP Region 6 have events coming up in January and February where they will advertise our edcamp. Some of our organizing team members are attending the edcamp CV in February to get ideas for ours. I might hit Santa Barbara Jan. 26th if I can. I’m seeing Rock of ages in Sac the evening of the 25th and have JCCASAC board meeting and membership meeting the 27th and 28th in Monterey. That might be a bit too much driving for me! We’ll see. Mike and the kids are heading to Kirkwood that weekend to ski so I can geek tweak all I want!


I met with Diane Carnahan, Dean of Teachers College of San Joaquin and she not only embraced TCSJ being the venue for our EdCamp August 10th, but volunteered to be on the organizing team!  Welcome aboard Diane!  We’ll be able to get moving on our marketing now.  Stay tuned for updates!