First meeting of 2

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

So Steph and I met and we think August 10th would be a good date for our EdCamp.  Since so many of our districts will have 1 or fewer PD days at the beginning of the school year, we think an EdCamp will provide that extra umph and motivation to help us start the year with a big fire under our rears.  A couple of my Twitter peeps from the north and the south of us in San Joaquin County have said they would like to be updated on our progress so I am doing so via HERE and Twitter.  I mentioned it to my admin team on Tuesday and was met with spaced out stares and some grins so I know the folks we connect with via social media and my friends in the districts in the classrooms will be huge in making this a success…which is what organic unconferences are all about, right?

Off to a board meeting for my kids’ schools. Peace.

Frinkmama (Wendy)

  1. frinkmama says:

    Dan Callahan from EdCamp Foundation is calling on Monday to give us assistance with our EdCamp San Joaquin planning. I’m excited. I am also very excited to send the EdCamp logo to our Graphic Design & Animation students at Lodi one. for them to make it unique to San Joaquin! Our students have done a few logo and poster designs already. I’ll check in next week!

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