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Venue meeting went well!

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Our county Superintendent, Mick Founts, likes the idea of the San Joaquin County Office of Education being the venue for our EdCamp next year!  He asked a few questions and offered some suggestions for soliciting donations that I will certainly follow up on.  The Dean for Teachers College of San Joaquin which is a department of SJCOE, and I have a meeting next Tuesday to discuss using her facilities for the EdCamp.  One of our teachers who is in her Admin and Masters program at TCSJ has discussed EdCamp with the Dean already and she sounds very enthusiastic about it.  We’re close to locking in enough information to get moving on our logo and advertising.  Stay tuned!


I spent some time on the phone with EdCamp creator and all around helpful guy, Dan Callahan, yesterday afternoon (PST).  We discussed several things and he offered many tips.  We want people to bring kids and hope administrators attend as well and we will advertise that.  Dan thought that was a good idea-  We planned to use Eventbrite.  A project planning tool, Trello, was mentioned on the EdCamp Organizer Hangout just posted on 11/13/12 on the website.  We might consider using that once we check it out.  Dan recommended not opening up actual registration until about 3 months before the event when people have a better idea of what their plans actually are.  Next step:  A meeting with my superintendent with the hope of securing the venue.  I’ll update a lot after that! @Dancallahan #edcamp

First meeting of 2

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

So Steph and I met and we think August 10th would be a good date for our EdCamp.  Since so many of our districts will have 1 or fewer PD days at the beginning of the school year, we think an EdCamp will provide that extra umph and motivation to help us start the year with a big fire under our rears.  A couple of my Twitter peeps from the north and the south of us in San Joaquin County have said they would like to be updated on our progress so I am doing so via HERE and Twitter.  I mentioned it to my admin team on Tuesday and was met with spaced out stares and some grins so I know the folks we connect with via social media and my friends in the districts in the classrooms will be huge in making this a success…which is what organic unconferences are all about, right?

Off to a board meeting for my kids’ schools. Peace.

Frinkmama (Wendy)

We will update during planning and on into our first Ed Camp and beyond.  Jump in!